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24 mesi fa

Where is the furthest you have Travelled from home?

I have travelled to Perth,Australia.Its about 10,000 miles from home.How about you?


  18 mesi fa
I have travelled from here to near Jackson Missouri, not sure how far that is !
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  20 mesi fa
I have travelled from Finland to Hawaii, but I don't know how much it is in miles.
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  21 mesi fa
Not very far really, I travel all over the country to watch my football team and have since 1965 but the furthest in one trip would have to be Wales. I don't like holidays just football, stange for a women I know but then people say I am strange !
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  22 mesi fa
about 100 miles or so, not travelled much in my life
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  22 mesi fa
We went to California on holiday in 2004 so that will be the furthest I've been. I said to my husband at the time that if we ever went to Australia then we'd have to do a stop over half way as I couldn't face getting back on yet another aeroplane for a day or two, especially given that we had spent the entire trip from Heathrow sitting next to a woman constantly sniffing. I was so sorely tempted to offer her a tissue well before we landed. It was so annoying.
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  22 mesi fa
The furthest i have travelled to would be the west coast of america, dont know how far that is from the uk
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  22 mesi fa
I think probably Greece. I would love to go to Australia
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  22 mesi fa
I have never been abroad but I would love to visit Egypt
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  22 mesi fa
The furthest from home I've ever travelled is Didim (Didyma) in south-western Turkey, it's over 2,500 miles from where I live.
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  22 mesi fa
I spent 6 months in India about 15 years ago, not sure how far away that is.
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