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  4 mesi fa

Banished again

I am completely banished from surveys once again and no amount of tweaking the modem has brought me back this time )o: I had another tooth out today and not feeling wonderful so will be brief in saying I am truly sick of being messed about by whatever the problem in the system is? If it can work some of the time why not all of the time?


  1 mese/i fa
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  3 mesi fa
That’s terrible Yvonne, I really don’t know what is wrong with Toluna just now.
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  3 mesi fa
Toluna's servers went more iffy than usual again Wednesday and it's still an issue today. So the cause could be that instead OR... What I mentioned before about Mrs Spammer @ Plusnet will still remain a threat for all Plusnet account holders though, so you'll still need to power-reset your router in such a way as to assign randomly selected non-blacklisted hardware whenever she migrates to the same machine that you're facing the world thru at the ISP.
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  3 mesi fa
Oh no not again Yvonne. What does Toluna say this time about it?
It's about time they got this sorted! xx
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  3 mesi fa
I don't understand what the problem is? Surveys wont load or they are simply not available? The site was down for me on and off yesterday, obviously just overloaded.
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  4 mesi fa
Stay calm and I hope everything goes well with you soon.
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  4 mesi fa
I only joined this evening, I haven’t been given a survey yet and not really sure how all this works xx
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  4 mesi fa
I think many had problems today. back on it now though.
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  4 mesi fa
This is beyond a joke Yvonne , you have my sympathy .
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  4 mesi fa
I found getting into the site was so slow this afternoon as to be practically impossible. I haven't the patience to sit and wait endlessly! It reminded me of computing in the 1980's, when logging in and inputting data took ages - press Enter, go and put kettle on, make tea, come back, drink tea, wait some more....!
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