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  1 mese/i fa

Cruelty or compassion .

What's your opinion on people in the UK that are prepared to drive 50 miles and abandon their unwanted pet dogs in remote woodland to prevent them from finding their way home ?

What's your opinion on people in the UK that are prepared to fly refugees 4000 miles to Rwanda, in deepest darkest Africa , while their applications for asylum are processed or alternatively to permanently exclude them from the UK?


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None Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
Their application is processed for asylum IN RWANDA. Meaning if granted they get a staying permit for Rwanda, not UK. Uk says it's for processing and it sounds like it's for processing for UK visa but it's not. I think Rwanda is a beautiful place, but I don't think it's nice to live there if you have no money, no income, no job and are a Muslim as Rwanda is a Christian country, not to mention what happens to gay people. Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
Disgusting Alan but no doubt some of those very same people will be clamouring to "welcome" Ukrainian refugees. Is it perhaps that Ukrainian refugees are an acceptable "colour" or is it the £350 per month incentive, a nice little earner if one can secure several of them. I know of people who only months ago were ranting that immigrants should be sent home and that the UK was full to "bursting point" and yet now the are falling over themselves to "welcome" Ukrainian refugees. Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
I hate both!
I was shocked the other day when it was reported that illegal immigration into the U.K. has HALVED over the past 20 years. But now they are coming via more riskier and potentially fatal routes, and it is THAT that makes the headlines!
We have a declining population. We have job vacancies. I would welcome immigrants into our community.
The problem, as I see it, is the lack of investment in infrastructure and housing. Local authorities seem to have lost the plot.
I hear Kent Count Council is investing in Solar power Farms in the West Country … er …why? County Councils are not supposed to be businesses making money, they should be providing much needed services to their local population.
I recall when Iceland (the country’s banks) went bust Kent County Council had something like £50 million investment that they lost…
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  1 mese/i fa
Hate the B s that do that to animals, same applies to the ones shipping people around the globe , but do get there's no room. In.the Inn I totally get that ! Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
They are both as bad as each other! Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
People who abandon animals should be punished. As for refugees i know they have to go somewhere but i agree with Rose it is different for asylum seekers that come the legal routes but we can't be expected to take everyone, as we have ex soldiers and others that come from the UK sleeping on the streets which should be helped. Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
It's amusing , in a sad way Alan . To me , it's a mix of two things ; under -investment in the things the matter to the ordinary people of this country , and throwing red meat for the disgusted of Surbiton crowd . Rispondi
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  1 mese/i fa
Sickened about the dogs and pleased for the refugees that they are being kept in a safe country and looked after Rispondi
3 commenti


  1 mese/i fa
I think the people with the dogs should be fined big-time the proceeds going to local animal charities, as for the Rwanda thing; an expensive flag waving nonsense ... Rispondi
2 commenti
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