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This is an email I sent to Toluna about how I feel about there recent decision of not paying us for our time. I have not decided yet as to whether or not I will quit yet. but here is the email: "I have been a member for quite awhile and now I think that I am probably going to quit because I am doing surveys so I can buy my children some Christmas presents and now you tell me that I have been wasting my time here because you are not going to pay me the money you owe me . I have always stood up for Toluna during all of the problems you have had recently but this I can not stand for my children suffer because of you and if you were here in person I would probably go to jail for hitting you. I belong to a lot of other survey sites that are still paying and from now on instead of using your site I will be doing surveys on their sites instead, but any time a Toluna or Greenfield or Caio survey comes up I will not be completing the survey. I am going to post on all the sites I can about what you are doing to us and ask for a boycott of your surveys worldwide." I am asking you to join me in this boycott. 41 mesi fa


5 stars and polls answered from America!! 42 mesi fa


Hey how are you? Please take a second to come by and get a laugh! Leave me a message and i will return the favor!! have a great day!! 42 mesi fa


I came by and did your polls. most of your topics I'm not familiar with but I may try them later. Will rate you a 5. Stop by some time. 43 mesi fa

first gold

I am in the United States. Good luck. 44 mesi fa

first gold

Finished all your stuff and to view all of someone's stuff you need to change the country, I had to change yours to UK so I could finish them as it only allows you to view the first page. 44 mesi fa

first gold

When you are trying to do my OTs go down and make sure the country is US. I am not sure where you are but mine should show up if it is set to US. Thanks. 44 mesi fa


elsephlay contenuto

elsephlay finora non ha creato alcun contenuto!
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