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da Stati Uniti d'America
I’m a homemaker, wife and lifelong Southerner. An avid reader, I especially enjoy historical Christian fiction and mysteries. My mom gave me a love of history and a great start on researching my family genealogy. I love visiting historical sites and keeping abreast of history in the making. God has blessed our nation with a diversity of majestic mountains and canyons, sparkling lakes, waterfalls and oceans, lush green forests and southwestern deserts and I enjoy visiting these areas and hope to travel more in the future. My faith in Christ is my passion and I daily seek to serve him more faithfully. Though I often fall short, I am eternally grateful for his forgiveness and love. God loves each of us and he’ll never give up on you wherever you are in your life if you’ll just open your heart to him. I pray for God’s blessings for each of you.
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Hi Peggy, how are you? I got my hip surgery done last Thursday at one of the Baylor Dallas Hospital. They pulled me through surgery, heart kept stopping in recovery due to anesthesia. Got me to my room, the service was terrible, food was not eatable, so I got myself released next morning. Doing good at home, but very painful, hard to get around. Finally got PT started yesterday, they were slow too. My friend stayed until yesterday. I can manage. This will take me a while, far worse than the other. My oldest cat 14 yrs. is in renal failure, had to get her to vet Monday, not good, prayers for my fur baby. Thank you for all your prayers, no place like home. Prayers request for my brother in law for in the morning cancer surgery. Take care, Prayers and God Bless.. 11 ore fa


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Hi Peggy hope all is well with you and glad to learn your husband is feeling better of late. This past weekend I mostly relaxed at home other then catch up on some chores I've put off for a bit too long. I remember that topic you referenced on choosing your favorite opposing party politician. Sadly the choices are very limited now a days but also would have answered Tulsi Gabbard if she were still in office. My answer on that topic was Joe Manchin but now even he can't be trusted to do the right thing for the American people. Eastern Oregon had a rare brief thunderstorm a few days ago so kind of nearby but it won't likely rain here for at least another month. All ready to begin another workweek shortly. Have a blessed day! 2 giorni fa


Hi Peggy☺ My garden is still giving us tomatoes and peppers and eggplant are growing yet. A month ago, a wicked rain storm ruined my squash. There were so many flowers on the plants, but the rain knocked them off. I was able to get only two squash, although huge. I also have planted blackberry and blueberry bushes, black raspberries, and strawberries; the birds are having a lovely summer buffet! Berries were growing and then they were gone. More berries growing, then they were gone. I get annoyed, but my husband says, "well, the birds are happy." Yeah, okay. Lol☺ Something has been eating my coleus plants which were looking full and lush. Now they look destroyed. Not sure if it's the bear or the deer. Nothing ever bothered the coleus before; we planted them years ago and have always had bear and deer around. Well, sorry, that was a lengthy answer as to how my garden is doing☺ Mom is good! PT is now at a facility; home PT ended. How is your husband? Back to his overly busy self? Keep giving him water! Hpe your enjoying your weekend. ♥ 4 giorni fa


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